Monday, April 6, 2009

1500 people every second

It's easy to send an email. It's increasingly easier to send an email to that list of 200,000 names you've collected over the last two years. If you've collected them, you probably feel that you have permission to email these people. That's where things get foggy. One easy way to keep this in perspective: If you have a list of 200,000 (or 40 or 35,000) names always consider the opportunity to piss 200,000 people off equally as great as the opportunity to positively connect to these people.

When the Canadian no call list was instituted in 2008, there was a period of time where 1500 people every second were requesting to be added to the list. Could the Canadian consumer base be more clear about how welcome sales messages were in their personal space? The 'masses' we try to reach have never been more united. The telemarketers ruined it for themselves. There is no chance for a noble company or the sale of a life changing product because this side of the industry has repeatedly burned the trust of consumers. It is only a matter of time before these same consumer get sick of sending unwanted emails to the trash or managing a blocked e-mail list. How many Canadian consumers would sign up to a no email list today?