Wednesday, April 16, 2014

After 5 years....

...I'm back on the wagon. I stopped writing in 2009 on this blog for one simple reason - I didn't think I was saying anything new worth publishing. What started as a mechanism to alleviate frustration became boring. It felt like the stories marketers were telling (including my own) were over-used, the bloggers all single minded, and really what more could I offer.

A lot happens over five years. I've moved from digital marketing to creative technology. From a narrow focus on client vs agency relationships to exploring the worlds of augmented reality, the internet of things (my favorite) and wearable technology.

I find myself on the road in a different city every few days and in my travels I have the opportunity to speak with some pretty phenomenal people, try some ridiculous tech, and learn about some of the motivating community minded enterprises on the planet.

So, this is Day 1 - Round 2 of this blog. I'll write when I have something to share and won't write when there's nothing great to say. You can always check-out my work in the creative technology space at Ad-Dispatch or follow me on twitter if you just want to stay connected.