Monday, February 16, 2009

My product won't sell!

You are a corporate marketer. You and your team constantly pump money into marketing and advertising. You're job is to make sure that the gospel of Your Product is getting out to the masses connecting with consumers (you also caught the last 15 minutes of that new marketing guru at your AGM). But you're not alone in your quest. There is a Product Team responsible for coming up with new features or versions of Your Product. They want you to make sure that Your Product sells - that's how they get paid. Units Sold = Money. The pressure they put on your back. With that in mind, every new version of Your Product is better, offers value in ways nobody could imagine, and is finally that differentiator that will leave the competition breathless. Exciting...I know.

But its seems your mass advertising consumer connecting isn't doing the trick. Your Product continues to struggle. That's the fourth straight quarter. The Product Team is up in arms. They just threw you another quarter million to push out that message. Connect damn it! You're trying old things, new things, everything to sell Your Product. Why isn't it working?

Chances are...the problem isn't so much that you and your team aren't selling Your Product. It's that nobody is buying it.

Maybe your product is boring. Maybe it is actually worse than your competitors. Maybe the value you are selling is not the type of value people want to buy? More realistic (because you would have analyzed the market for Your Product) the value you are selling isn't the value that triggers that desire in people to buy. Your selling the wrong thing. Look for the thing that people will buy and sell that. This doesn't mean Your Product will change (but maybe it should). It just means that what you sell will be different.