Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Reasons To Use New Media

Here's a quick list for those of you looking to use new media. In this context I'm talking about blogs, SEO, micro-blogging (twitter), social networks, social media - that all have the goal of generating a consumer connection.

When to use new media:
  1. You have something to say that people actually care about – in their current context. This would be something that they are interested in before they even hear your message. ***New price doesn't count. Neither does "Our company is on twitter". Remember – its not the tools that we have, but how we use them.
  2. You can identify a group of people who would personally benefit from sharing your message. Not a short-term benefit like winning a contest...
  3. You can identify an emotion or activity that would personally tie your customer to your product.
  4. Your product is scarce and relevant.Your message is simple and self-explanatory. Your story is truly different.
  5. Your product works best the more people who have it. (LinkedIn is useless with 1 user)
  6. You care about micro-measurement (in the case of online ads and direct response)
  7. You’re in it for the long haul (in the case of social media, blogs, consumer community, and brand leadership)
  8. You care more about keeping customers than getting customers
  9. Your company is built to keep customers (happy - sounds like a no brainer, but look around and see who actually cares about keeping you as a customer)
  10. If the product, service and related brands don't "live" in the real world, no amount of Facebook Fan Pages is going to help" - Mitch Joel (see original post)

Any thoughts? Add your own here...