Thursday, January 22, 2009

Throw your ladder in the trash

"On one of the window ledges of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem sits a wooden ladder that's been there since at least 1835. The purpose of the ladder is unclear but its placement there is due to the Status Quo. When the wood rots, it's replaced. And like many other aspects of the church's ownership arrangement, the continued existence of the ladder is taken very seriously." (from Jason)

How many things does your company do because they have done them since 1835?

How many times have you written your yearly projections, delivered a presentation, launched a product, engaged an ad agency, or delivered a consumer experience, based on what your company/industry has always done?

The act of change is simple. The reasons we tell ourselves we can't are complicated. You may have a customer service problem. You may have intense competition. You may be struggling to differentiate your brand. You can spend millions of dollars to advertise and manage all these perceptions, but if your company doesn’t change you’re money is well wasted. You can’t just replace the rotten ladder, you have to get rid of it.