Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Find a better strategy

Maybe you run a company. Maybe you work for a company. Maybe you you do both. Whatever the case may be you are constantly dealing with ways to make money. Your year-over-year sales reports, your value engineering on that new plant your building, whatever. Companies, no matter what size, look for ways to decrease costs and increase revenues. It's simple.

The key to this business problem - actually the key to every business problem - leads back to the same thing: The Customer Experience.

Think about it.

Do you want to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, do what you do best, increase revenues, or spread word of mouth?

Then start focusing on the people who pay your salary. Happy customers cost less, spend more, share more, and respect your workforce. This has a resounding affect on all aspects (and problems in your business)

Easy to understand. Hard to execute.

It requires an entire shift in corporate culture. A real change. Shatter the status quo. Want help? Chances are that local store that has survived the last 15 years of box store low-prices has something to offer. Or check out WestJet (versus Air Canada), the Four Seasons Hotels (versus that motel off the highway with a revolving ownership) or Blackberry (versus Palm). It's not just marketing, it's doing. They don't always get it right - but everything they do focuses on getting it right.