Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sound Advice

Sometimes a visual just says it. As people (especially marketers) we often try to complicate simple problems.

We over analyze. We look at what has been done before. We control each step. Each one of our peers (not to be confused with expert) needs to add their input. We beat interesting and provoking thought to a square-vanilla-safety-vest of an idea.

Why? As a brand you want to manage the public perception. As an employee of a brand, you want to impart you knowledge of your brand onto your ad agency and coincidentally onto the consumer. As an advertiser you want to deliver the best result for the consumer and please your client (not the same thing).

Anyways, enough of my comments...these two slides say it all.

Great slide by Paul Isakson. His answer to "How Should We Leverage Social Media". If it's interesting, people will make it a part of their day/life.

Finally, another great observation by Hugh McLeod. I like to hope that not all advertising would provoke this reaction...but I think you get the point.